App Not Working

The app may not be working for the following reasons:

1 Not Subscribed to the Light Plan

To use the app, you need to subscribe to the Light Plan.

Note: Development stores also need to subscribe to the Light Plan.

2 Viewing the Product in 'Preview Mode' or 'Theme Editor'

In such cases, please check in the live environment. Product previews can only confirm the state at the time the preview button is pressed. Therefore, please be aware that refreshing the browser after making changes will not reflect those changes on the preview page.

3 The Embedded App is Not Enabled in Your Shopify Theme

If this is the case, please access the theme editor of your Shopify theme, enable the embedded app, and check again.

4 Product Quantity Rule is Not Active

If this is the case, please check the status of the relevant rule from the product quantity rules screen. If the status is "Inactive," please change it to "Active" and check again.

5 Product is Not Linked to a Product Quantity Rule

In such cases, please link the relevant product to the product quantity rule, or link the collection that includes the product.

6 The Collection Linked to the Product Quantity Rule is Not Published

If you want to enforce quantity limits on products under a collection, the collection itself needs to be published. Please publish the relevant collection and check again.

7 Delayed Updates Due to Shopify's Cache Function

Due to the caching function in Shopify itself, updates may take time to reflect. Please wait for a while and then check again.

8 Shopify Plus stores with customized checkout.liquid

If checkout.liquid is customized, you cannot use this store as it is not compatible with the Shopify Functions it uses.

Reference link:

If the issue is still not resolved, please contact us through the inquiry form or via the app's web chat.