Alert Message Not Displayed

There could be several reasons why alert messages are not displayed on product pages or cart pages:

Within the Limits Set by the Rules

Alert messages are displayed when the set limits in the rules are exceeded. For example, if a quantity rule is set to allow purchases only between 2 to 5 items, an alert message will be displayed when attempting to add either 1 item or more than 6 items to the cart.

Alert Message Display Timing Set to "Checkout only"

If you have selected "Checkout Only" for the display timing of alert messages, the messages will not be displayed until after transitioning to the checkout, even if the limits set by the rules are exceeded. If you want the alert message to be displayed on product pages or cart pages as well, please select "Cart update and Checkout"

Changing the Timing of Alert Message Display 

The Shopify Theme You Are Using Does Not Support Alert Display

Our app's alert messages are designed to follow the alert display processing of Shopify themes. Therefore, if the Shopify theme itself does not support the display of alerts, the alert messages will not be displayed. In the case of this issue, please rest assured that even if alert messages are not displayed, the orders themselves are still restricted as intended, preventing orders that do not meet the set rules.