Up to 5 canned juices total in the store

This page introduces how to set a quantity limit of no more than 5 items in total for specific product genres within the store.

For example, suppose there are three types of canned juices with different product data (apple juice, orange juice, grape juice).

If there are 2 apple juices and 3 orange juices in the cart, the total quantity is 5, so the order is possible. However, if there are 2 apple juices, 3 orange juices, and 1 grape juice in the cart, the total quantity is 6, making the order not possible.

If you have not yet enabled the embedded app, please activate it from the initial setup.

How to Set Up

3. On the page for creating product quantity rules, enter the following:

4. Click "Save" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Demo Product

The following page provides a list of products with a quantity limit applied, allowing only up to a total of 5 canned juices to be purchased within the store. Please refer to it for your reference.